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Winedoctor: You on me

I'm always grateful for feedback on Winedoctor, especially from those readers who I know have been following and using this site for many years. Recorded here are just some of the messages I have received from Winedoctor followers in recent times.

If you have an opinion on Winedoctor, please don't hesitate to email me.

You on me - readers' feedback

The most important opinions - from Winedoctor readers, of course....

Hi, this is just a quick email to thank you for your site. I'm studying wine at the ITHQ in Montreal and it has been as comprehensive as any of the major print publications have been for me for the research I've had to do for level that I'm at currently.
Jack Geddes, Canada

I found your site while Googling Baudry's wines, which I've become a big fan of. I'm now retired, but used to be in the business on the restaurant side of things, both in cooking and wine buying. Your site is very useful and I like your tasting notes very much--nice descriptions and excellent Loire coverage. I agree with you that Baudry is making some exciting wines these days. I started with the '05 Domaine bottling only, and have branched out to the better cuvees since. A bottle of the '06 Guillot a couple of weeks ago was one of the best bottles in recent memory--incredible balance and harmony, lingering juicy flavors, the works. The '09's and '10's should be real treats in time. Thanks for being a great resource!
Mark Bloom, USA

I'm writing you from Switzerland and wanted to give you a big "thumbs up" on your site. You have really helped me demystify Bordeaux wines and have provided some seriously good general advice to boot. Thanks a ton.
Brad Seefeldt Zurich, Switzerland

I’m just writing to thank you for your excellent website. I’ve recently been on a cycling holiday based out of Bourgueil. Your site was an enormous help in aiding our understanding of the wines from this area and identifying vignerons to visit. We particularly liked the wines of Frederic Mabileau and Yannick Amirault. I’ve found reds from Loire a bit green and austere in the past but I was nothing less than impressed by their wines. They both gave a warm welcome, though it took my other half’s best French to draw Yannick out of his shy shell! We were able to taste their full range of wines across the 2009/10/11 vintages (except Frederic’s Eclipse which had sold out unfortunately). The intensity, structure and balance of the wines really left their mark. We’re looking forward to ‘monitoring the progress’ of our purchases in the years to come. We were also quite taken with Frederic’s Chenin de Puy. The oak is a little prevalent but I’m expecting it to blend a bit into the background over a couple of years. Once again thank you for providing such an interesting wealth of info' and advice. I’ve made a modest contribution via Paypal. I’m looking forward to reading your ongoing efforts.
Pete, UK

Robert Alfert from the US. Just wanted to drop you a note to say I've been reading your blog for years, but just saw you had a newsletter, so I signed up. Your notes and commentary have been extremely valuable to me as we share a common passion: Chinon and Bordeaux. Keep the notes rolling!
Robert Alfert, USA

Wow, I am so happy that I found this site, well done. I needed to brush up on my Burgundy knowledge and I became captivated with your journey.
Liza Jussiaume, USA

I've been reading your blog for a few years now and over the past few weeks I've found it indispensable in planning my first trip to the Loire. We are coming from the USA and want to get the most out of our time, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the great overviews of the regions and the producer profiles. Thanks again, and please keep up the great writing!
Chris Tyler, USA

I thought I'd let you know that as a WSET Diploma student revising for the final written exam I have found your Wine Guides invaluable in helping me pull together the big picture (and much of the detail) of many of the classic wine regions of the world. Your blog is also prescribed reading so I thought I'd pass on my personal thanks for your contribution to wine knowledge on the net and above all for making it well written and readable.
Paul Vandenberghe, UK

I am reading your pages for some time now, and they are really a big help in selecting good wines. Especially when I am visiting a wine region in France!
Family Van Uytfanghe, Belgium

I just wanted to say I continue your blog, especially the articles on the Loire. I like to drink the wines from the Loire too!
Nicos, UK

Just a quick note to say that I came across your site today and, while still overwhelming, it was the first online resource I really liked for starting to wrap my mind around the wine producing regions of France. Thank you! I just got a job at a local wine shop in Ithaca, NY- a dream of mine and I'm feeling so lucky, because I have no experience at all, other than huge interest, lots of tasting (but mostly CA!), and some reading. Anyway- this owner is old school, as they say, and day 1 was telling me all about the French appellations, the differences in wording on bottles - bottled à la vs par la and who knows what else- and tons of details about regions and corruption, and now some regions are hyphenating with the most prestigious appellation or something like that! Point is, thank you. I'm smart and learn fast but was struggling to find a concise way of wrapping my mind around France. My French minor in college did me no favors! Who cares how many mistresses Louis IX had, or well I can pronounce the words which right now could be the appellation, or producer??? Or climat - a word I heard for the first time today, on your site. I will be reading! Just scratched the surface so far! Thanks so much.
Rebecca Leistikow, USA

I've enjoyed your site for, well, for at least two years now. It's part of my daily ritual of coffee, breakfast, and (the subject of) wine.
Justin Wuycheck, USA

I am a recent graduate of the Central Washington University's Global Wine Studies Program in Washington State, USA. During my studies in the GWS Program, I had the opportunity to learn about wine as an alternative investment. In this assignment, I was asked to carefully choose wines based on reputation, ratings, longevity, and historical (financial) performance. I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and insight that you make available on your website. The historical background that you provide on each region and all of the notable producers is so helpful -- whether I'm using it to make an informed decision, or I'm using it to reassure my own knowledge. While my project's portfolio was limited to $100k, I still found your website interesting enough that I kept on reading for my own personal learning. Again, I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your work. I look forward to all of your future updates!
Megan Schultz, USA

I often look at your site after tasting a wine I'm not familiar with. It is such an amazing resource. On behalf of myself and my vinous friends, thank you!
Douglas Hillstrom, USA

As a longtime reader of your website, I thought I'd take a minute to thank you for the big set of Amirault notes you just put up. A bottle of Les Quartiers 2006 was one of the two wines that really hooked me on Loire Cabernet Franc (never had the 2005, alas). I've always been a little baffled by the lack of love Amirault gets compared to someone like Baudry (whose wines I certainly consider excellent), though I guess part of the issue may simply be how annoyingly rare all the cuvées other than La Coudraye are Stateside. In any event, thanks again--the site is an irreplaceable resource.
Elliot Weininger, USA

Thanks for all the info on the website. Off to Bordeaux in a week and your site was quite valuable. Cheers.
Will Tippet, USA

You are to be congratulated. Wonderful Bordeaux coverage and I applaud you for posting it open access on the net. Your tasting notes hit the mark. Well done.
Carey Gall, Tasmania

I’ve been following your website since the early days, and e-mailed you once or twice before. I must say you’ve done an absolutely incredible job, and the way the site has progressed over the last few years has been extraordinary. Many kudos, and thanks for providing such a valuable resource.
Christopher Miller, USA

I think your web site is great - precise and to the point - I often quote you to my group at our monthly meetings.
Alan Borrow, UK

Thanks again for the excellent site. I've enjoyed the Salon 2011 coverage too.
Robert Williams, UK

I find your website a very useful reference tool and have used it a lot, particularly with reference to Bordeaux.
Nicholas Diment, UK

My interest in wine has begun quite late in life but it has become a consuming passion of mine for the last 4 years. In this time I have focused this interest by studying the WSET advance cert and building as large a cellar as my living space and pocket allows. I, of course, taste and more importantly drink, as often as is wise and perhaps a tad beyond! My main purchases come from UK wine auctions, where I buy on behalf of a group of friends and ship over. Because of this I rely on accessing excellent sources of information and reliable tasting notes. I find your website excellent and am a regular visitor. Congratulations and keep up the good work!
David Cairnduff, Ireland

I have just came across your very interesting site. Thanks for the detailed knowledge you pass on it is much appreciated. I am just a poor enthusiast who appreciates a good bottle. I also read to get more insight.
Brent Huntington, UK

Dear Mr. Kissack: I've embarked on a quest (which now appears will be an odyssey!) to gain an amateur's knowledge of French wines, and I'm compelled to express my appreciation for the insight I've gained by reading your Wine Guides. Fortunately, I stumbled on your website right at the outset, when I figured I'd approach the country geographically, starting in the northeast, with Alsace--and then just traveling around wherever you had done a Guide. Your Guides provided invaluable insight to each region, and I've supplemented them with detailed information, regarding appellation data, etc., from anyplace I could locate on the Internet (I bought a few books, but they're much too general in scope, for the study-plan I envisioned). I'm a detail freak and I figured the best way for me to try to assimilate this mass of (and often conflicting) information was to chart-out all the appellation specifics and then later actually study the data, and explore the wines themselves. Wikipedia provides a wealth of information (which I've noticed is lifted, verbatim, quite often by other sources); Passionvin.net is a good basic source; if they have one, an official French site for a region can be invaluable for gleaning the stuff I'm trying to gather, and a tip-of-the-hat goes to the guy, Jonathan Reeve, who provides the information that is featured on wine-searcher.com. But my hero is The Wine Doctor!! Thanks again.
Gregory Rosenberger, USA

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoy browsing your website. I am only just starting to follow wine in a 'serious' way and have found your site to be tremendously useful and enjoyable both for advice and in getting to grips with the terminology and language (of which there seems to be a great deal!). That you have constructed the whole thing single-handedly is quite remarkable.
Will Davies, UK

I am writing to thank you for the invaluable resource your site has been to me over the years. I am a sommelier in New York City and have been in the wine trade in Boston and New York since 1997. I am also a diploma candidate through the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. In my "free" time I teach classes to consumers at area wine stores and restaurants. I find my self constantly resourcing your website for unbiased, thoroughly researched, and knowledgeable information. It's after many hours of studying for an upcoming exam and having just read through your information on Champagne that I am compelled to write to you. Thank you for all of the work and devotion that goes in to your writing. I am a grateful fan.
Moriya Bodie Treussard, USA

Just a quick note to express my gratitude for your ability to express your passion. I am about 12 months into learning about, tasting, collecting and generally obsessing over wine. Your notes have provided a great “hitchhiker’s guide” to the galaxy of wine. Briefly, I began getting interested in really “understanding and appreciating” wine when I moved to Lausanne and was next door to the wine region Lavaux. Curiosity coupled with a general enjoyment of wine was peaked when the newspaper this time last year were running articles on the unbelievable 2009 harvest here in Switzerland. “What makes 2009 a great vintage....?” I wondered. A year later I have run the course through a pretty broad range of wine, made a few visits to the Vallée du Rhône and Valais and met countless people that I enjoy as good colleagues who are vignerons, merchants and common drinking folk like myself. It took me one year to turn my attention to the Loire and, as I did when I set out to learn about wines of Bordeaux, I gained invaluable insight and understanding from your articles. I stopped by one of my favourite merchants this morning on my way to work.  I enjoyed a warm and inviting conversation with a colleague there who eventually suggested a bottle of Syrah from Valais and a bottle of Cabernet Franc from the Loire. I know the maker of the Syrah but haven’t tasted this particular bottling of a single parcel and it will likely be a few years before I pull the cork. I enjoy the anticipation. I am not familiar with the maker of the Bourgueil I purchased and am excited to provide it with a breath of fresh air tonight before enjoying it with dinner. My glass will be raised to you this afternoon, toasting your talent as a writer and your generosity with your passion. Have a great weekend.
Paul Clark, Switzerland

My compliments on the level of useful background information on the different regions and producers. Also the tasting notes on specific wines and vintages are very helpful. Keep up the good work. Kind regards.
Wouter Beens, Netherlands

Great site, congratulations. Although I would prefer getting your points a 100 point scale, not in the 20 point context! Thumbs up!!!
Ingo Köhler, Germany

My name is Irene and I'm very impressed with your wine advice and information provided in the Winedoctor website. I must confess that I'm exploring and would love to know more about wines & spirits. Your website is a wonderful tool for a beginner like me to get started! They are simple and an easy read on the iPad. The interface is clean looking and made searches an easy reach. The site is organized and not confusing, pretty structured and more importantly the site just keeps my interest going... I love it. Thank you very much for sharing! Would look forward to more tips and regular updates from you! Thanks Chris. Cheers for great health.
Irene Low, Singapore

Thank you...for the informative and fascinating information on your blog!
Emilyn Page, USA

I just wanted to say what an excellent resource your site is. I've just read your work on the Chaume debacle - very informative, and clear, more importantly. The Burgundy articles are also a personal favourite. The producer profile on Zind was a god-send when I was studying the region, trying to pin down all the clos vineyards. Thank you, and full marks for making a successful career of something so thoroughly enjoyable. I only hope that I can do the same.
Jonathan Reeve

Today I was pleasantly surprised to see that Grapestories now integrates your notes in the professional section, and I have just seen the e-mail from Eric Levine announcing the news. This is to say that I think this is a great idea! I always check your (and JR's) notes before making a serious purchase, and integration in CellarTracker makes it so much easier!
Luca di Carli

I must say how generous it is of you to give so much information on your assessments of so many different wines in the public domain. Thank you for your valuable analysis of the Bordeaux 2009 "en primeur tasting scrum" and especially your words of caution.
Richard Currie, Columbia

If you would ever start being a paid website I would for sure be one of your customers as I find it very valuable to be able [to find] that so much ground work is done on Bordeaux in particular, no other website provides so much info on the châteaux as well. Even Burghound only has tasting notes on Burgundy....so keep it going and have your clients sponsor your wine habit.... good luck.
Joost van Gelder, The Netherlands

I've only just found your site. It's brilliant and very helpful. I was looking for info on Quarts de Chaume which I love.
Anthony Philips, UK

First of all - great site. I've been a quiet fan for ages now but have decided to speak up! I'm a fellow Loire freak. Thanks - and keep up the good work.
Roeland Beerten, France

Chris, I’m just starting to explore Bordeaux in particular, and I’ve found it refreshing to read your objectivity and freedom from Parker-style hyperbole. Thanks for the helpful notes. By the way, if you drove an Alfa you wouldn’t have the pushrod problems!
Josh Shein (referring to my taste in cars as well as my writing!), USA

On 1998 Châteauneuf tasting: I just happened to read your notes for these wines. I very recently attended a super high end tasting of the '98's at which Steve Tanzer and Josh Reynolds were present. Other than the Clos du Caillou Reserve I was extremely unimpressed with these wines. Last night my wife and I just got back from Europe. At Le Meurice, wonderful but not three stars, in Paris, we had a bottle of D'Aupilhac 2001, which I found much more interesting than those soupy (so well put) Châteauneufs. I didn't buy any of those wines originally and wouldn't today. And, if these wines hadn't gotten such stellar reviews (and perhaps if the professional critics weren't there) my other co-tasters would be a little more honest as you have been. Thank you.
Sparkster, USA

I discovered your website while searching for some reviews of the Bordeaux 2008. It’s very instructive, thank you for sharing.
Marc Roisin, Belgium

I really like your site, I ‘m a Bordeaux-lover so your site gives me a lot of info. I also find your opinions truthful. You are of course also dependant of the samples your are offered at the tastings but I feel that name or reputation doesn’t affect your opinion. You are really becoming very important for my Bordeaux info. I feel that Parker has changed his scale from 50-100 into 90-100 during the last 2 years: it becomes difficult to find a wine that doesn't receive a 90+.
Kris Ghijselinck, Belgium

I am planning a trip to the Loire in April and found your guide invaluable.
Ben Richardson, UK

I'm a British expat now resident in Dartmouth, Mass, USA, never got my cellar really going until now due to frequent house moves. I'm taking the WSET intermediate course at Johnson and Wales in Providence RI and your site is always very helpful for some extra information. Keep up the great independent work and thanks again for such a great site.
Jonathan Haisman, UK/USA

I am a new reader, wine lover, beginning to enjoy your fantastic site - thank-you, it is brilliant.
Ben Stewart, UK

I am writing to say thanks for the great website. I have a winemaking/viti background and am now doing my PhD at Adelaide Uni. in Australia on organic/biodynamic grape growing. I was recently awarded a scholarship to travel the world and learn more about such practices! I have been using your website to help me learn about the major producers. I have attached my CV and travel itinerary for you to take a look. Congrats again...and keep up the good work.
Luke Johnston, Australia

Just wanted to compliment you on your excellent article about demi-sec Vouvray. This past weekend I attended a wine tasting with a group of like minded friends, and my contribution was a 1996 Huet Le Haut Lieu sec. I actually commented at the tasting that I would have rather brought a demi-sec, but I was limited to what was on offer at Berry Bros. They had demi-sec wines available, but they were all from this decade, and I wanted something with at least 10 years of bottle age. I was struggling to explain the merits of demi-sec Vouvray to the group, but now having read your article, I forwarded it on to everyone for a much more eloquent explanation that I could ever come up with! Good work!
Tim Webster, UK

I came across your website on a search of Bollinger wine for one of our wine cellar customers. I thought your site was terrific.
Curt Dahl, USA

I am very happy with your website, it is probably the best I have ever seen. Lots of information, I can spend hours reading all about wine on this site, it's my favourite! I just wanted to say, keep going like this! Best regards from a Dutch fan.
Jac van Gils

I just discovered The Wine Doctor and I just wanted to thank you for creating a truly wonderful website.
David Bassiouni, USA

I've just returned from a trip down the Loire and I wanted to thank you for your excellent guide which helped form the basis of my trip. We met a lot of interesting people and had a great time, thanks again.
Graham Warner

I just wanted to say how great I though your site is. It is a constant reference to me and a pleasure to read. That’s all. Keep up the amazing work.
Matthew Aylmer

As a real Loire wine lover, I really like your site. Lots of good stories and tasting notes...
Joost Boelaars, The Netherlands

I came across your site while looking for info about Clos Rougeard. While I will be in Saumur for a few days next month it seems that a visit with Frères Foucault is out of the question. I am by no means a connoisseur but, to my taste, Clos Rougeard is the epitome of cabernet franc. I once had the great fortune to taste wines at Domaine Baudry with Matthieu. The 2005 Croix Boisée, Grezeaux and Clos Guillot are truly exceptional, individually expressive cabernet francs. Ah, to have a cellar stocked with wines from these two producers. Anyway, please accept my compliments for your work. I must bookmark this site.
Michael Farrell, USA

Great article about Domaine de Juchepie!
David Bolomey, Belgium

I love reading your site first of all, especially Bordeaux news, going through your notes of 2006 for the up coming releases here in Canada, seeing what I should buy.
Weston Nawrocki, Canada

Superbe! Tenez le bon travail!
Michael Groves, France (I presume)

I love your website. An important and well respected source of information for me (drinking and loving wine since 25 years). Please let me point out that an update of the wines from Bernard Fouquet is strongly needed. In my opinion these wines - very moderately priced - deserve the attention. Chris, please keep on doing the great work, especially with a focus on Loire Valley, this glaring underrated region in France.
Michael Markath, Germany

Great stuff, helpful info, always interesting.
David Bricker, Switzerland

Have just spent an enjoyable hour (or more!) going through your site - what a wealth of information!
David Murphy, France

I've been reading your posts for a year or something, and to say the truth like it a lot - the way you deliver information, treat environment and importantly your palate which is a part of mine.
Igor, Russia

Following your articles on Winedoctor and Winedr I would like to thank you very much for the fact that you give us such well researched and profound articles for free. It is always a pleasure, to read something new. For me, writing a German wine blog for several years now and a lover of Loire wines it is more than a profound wine guide which I don't find in German for this special region. So again thank you for spending so much time writing the articles for public sphere.
Christoph Raffelt, Germany

Firstly what a wonderful site - how do you find the time?!
Neal Hooper, UK

I'm sure you haven't much time to read the hundreds of emails that you surely receive on a daily basis. So, I'll keep it short: your Winedoctor website is amazing, it's a gem like no other. Kudos!
Olivier Debré, France

I have been reading your website more than a year now and it has helped me to increase my wine knowledge and perspective a lot. Thank you for your massive efforts in managing it!
Eriks M, Latvia

Chris I've read and used your site for some time now. More specifically; I've read if for a while as my interest in all things wine has developed (especially in the last year) and then used it very much as a key source of trustworthy info as I've dipped my toe into en primeur for the first time (half a case of Lafleur-Pétrus, half a case of Léoville-Barton, waiting for Pontet-Canet, umm'ing over Calon-Ségur hopefully all paid for in five years time by the half case of Lafite!! :-)) But anyhow I digress - I just wanted to say many many thanks for the time and effort you put into your great site, it's been hugely helpful to me.
Howard Corner, UK

I am a regular visitor to your site for the reams of information it contains - the work you put into it is very impressive.
Emma Rice, UK

Great website - I have various cases of Bordeaux from 2000 onwards (I've tried to grow, year by year, a diverse "cellar" from the different regions and always find your website fantastically useful.  This year I'm planning on Léoville Barton despite my wine merchant expecting a £450 price tag! Anyway, just thought I would say well done.
Henry Withinshaw, UK

Thank you for writing on thewinedoctor.com - this site is one of the greatest wine resources on the net.
Gary Chevsky, USA

Thanks for your wonderful web site. After a 25 year vacation from wines I am back to doing some drinking and collecting. A recent trip to Minnesota and a wonderful restaurant in Dinky Town and a few glasses of a wonderful Spanish Red got my juices flowing again. During this time I was brewing beer and into Single Malts so all was not lost. Thanks to your web site and the internet gathering info is a lot easier than it was in the 70s and 80s. At 60 my brain does not work as well but neither does anything else. Once again thanks...
Paul Best, USA

I take great pleasure in reading your website on an almost daily basis.  It has been a great source of information since my serious enjoyment of wine in the last couple of years. Please keep up the excellent work on the website - it is providing me with excellent knowledge.
Richard Cross, UK

Came across your site browsing around. A lot of work you have put down. Interesting reading. My compliments.
James Hungar

First of all I would like to thank you for your great website which is one of my main references concerning my so much loved Bordeaux wines!
Rainer Schulz-Margrander, Germany

Just a few words on your web site, love it, great information, well done. One of the downfalls of my writing is I am unable to articulate the nuances of an area or winery, while I have visited many of the regions you have and tasted through many of the same wines, your insight serves as a great refresher. It is the Oh Ya, I remember moment I get when I read through your notes, job well done.
John Clerides, Canada

I've been browsing your website and find it very interesting as I have very little knowledge of wine.
Kate Neubauer, Australia

I truly appreciate your in-depth and compelling writing on the wine regions of France. Especially since you offer it to the public at no cost. In that respect I do try to click on your ad links whenever I am on your site. Keep up the good work! How do you find all these great connections with the producers?
Phillip Zucchino, France

I was just looking for some info on German wine regions and for the first time had a bit more of a poke around your site. It looks like lots of valuable information so I hope you don't mind me pointing people to you as a valuable resource.
Neville Yates, Australia

I would just like to congratulate you on what is a fine piece of writing about the Burgundy region. For years I’ve been struggling to get my head around it, yet an hour spent reading your article has helped lift the fog (I think). Your work is much appreciated. Of course, I may curse you now I am now even more inclined to spend more money on discovering the wines of that region.
Paul Jaines, UK

You on me: what the press and trade say

Opinions from well-known names, winemakers, journalists, and writers....

Just want to say what a great site, and how informative I find it. Now check it almost daily and find it most valuable. We import into Australia Baumard, Clos Rougeard, Pichot, Vincent Pinard, Yannick Amirault, and Pierre Luneau-Papin plus some other Loire. I have found the information on Baumard and some of their techniques particularly interesting and valuable.
Iain Cameron, Vintage and Wine, Australia

I hope this email finds you well. I am the wine educator for JJ Buckley, an internet retailer based in Oakland, California that specializes in Bordeaux while selling wines from across the globe. We are quite active in the en primeur Bordeaux market each year and needless to say, everyone here has been reading your coverage of BDX 2010 closely. As one of the largest sellers of Bordeaux en primeurs in the United States, each year our staff attends the UGC tastings while visiting negociants and châteaux to assess the latest vintage. We then publish our tasting notes along with numerous articles about our visit. In doing my backgound reading and research, your website was very informative and helpful. Thanks for your hard work and I look forward to hearing any comments you might have regarding our report.
Chuck Hayward, JJ Buckley Fine Wines, California, USA

People often don’t throw praise around as much as they should these days. I just wanted to say thank you for your website. It really is the most useful wine resource of any that I use – printed or online. Great information, detailed and relevant, and very readable. There is a good balance of fact, analysis & opinion that allows the reader some more insight into your topics. I hope you get a good personal return for what is obviously a huge amount of your personal work! Thanks again for making my life easier & more informed.
Graeme Broom, TM Robertson Wine Importers, UK

These reports on the vintages are the very best that I have seen anywhere and although I am a Master of Wine living in Bordeaux the amount of information that you impart is splendiferous and incredibly useful. Would you not by any chance have them for 2002 and above all 2000, they are not on the web? Very best wishes and thank you for such excellent work.
John Salvi MW, France

I've been visiting several times your website now, and each time I'm impressed with the richness and the quality of the information it contains.
Edouard Miailhe, Château Siran, France

You can judge how much of a surfer I am from the fact that it has taken me this long to meet your site. I came in on your admirable exposition of German wine and its problems, but find lovely bits wherever I look. I don't promise to spend much more time at my desk, but send you warm greetings from another addict.
Hugh Johnson, UK

Don't think we've met but I have heard about you. I came across your (very well laid out) site and clicked away.
Monty Waldin, UK/France

I found your website a few month ago and I have to say since that day, it is a source for some of my articles. I am a German wine critic/journalist living in Switzerland. So I really have to say I am happy to know your site, checking up what I know/found on wineries with your information.
Sigi Hiss, Switzerland

A very worthwhile site.
Jancis Robinson MW OBE, UK

This email has been a long time coming, as I have enjoyed reviewing the extraordinary content of your website for the past several years. Such an incredible feat to be able to offer enthusiasts so much information, not to mention viable, well-explained opinions - I must confess to a healthy degree of envy. Over here in Toronto, I have been writing for several years, travelling across the pond several times a year; but it is the enthusiasm I derive from tasting and talking about wine with other individuals that I've stayed in the game as long as I have, hacking things out week after week. Just so you know, I am neither looking for a publisher nor a colleague (I'm sure you get too many emails from people harbouring such intentions). I merely want to express my compliments on such a fine website. Well done!
Julian Hitner, Canada

Brilliantly informative.
Tom Stevenson, UK

Firstly, I'd like to express my appreciation to you for the content on thewinedoctor.com. I've found it to be an invaluable resource in learning more about the art of wine, something I am new to, but very keen to pursue.
Matt Christtensen, UK

Easy to navigate, and full of congenial, friendly writing.
Stuart Walton, UK