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Support Winedoctor

I have been publishing Winedoctor single-handed since May 2000. It is run with the gracious support of my sponsors, wine merchants and other wine businesses who pay to advertise on the site. Unlike many online and print publications, it is not funded by the publication of advertorials, nor do any of the wines I review earn me commission, nor is there any fee charged to the wineries or restaurants I feature. There is also no fee for readers to access the site.

Nevertheless, Winedoctor running costs soon stack up, especially if travelling to Bordeaux and the Loire several times per year. And many times now I have been humbled by messages from readers who indicate they would happily pay for the information I publish on Winedoctor. With these two points in mind I have created this Paypal donation button, so anyone who feels it appropriate that they make some contribution may do so.

Payments can be made through Paypal by clicking the button above, using a credit or debit card if desired (you don't need a Paypal account). Many thanks to all those who have and those who intend to use this facility. I hope Winedoctor remains useful to you in your research and reading!

Thank you, and best wishes - Chris Kissack