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Loire Wine Guide: Cabernet Franc (29/11/15)
My guide continues with a treatise on this variety.

Sébastien David, 2015 Update (28/11/15)
Four wines, including a new cuvée, Coef 12.5º.

Philippe Alliet, 2015 Update (27/11/15)
A tasting report, looking at nine wines, from 2014 & 2013.

Loire Valley 2005: Demi-Sec & Moelleux (26/11/15)
Ten Years On: Seven sweeter wines to finish.

Loire Valley 2005: Red Wines (26/11/15)
Ten Years On: Nineteen wines from top domaines.

Château Berliquet (25/11/15)
I profile this St Emilion estate, now undergoing a revitalisation.

Ch. Pierre-Bise Coteaux du Layon Beaulieu Les Rouannières 2011
A comparison of two vintages, 2006 and 2011. (23/11/15) [free]

This Weeks Featured Article
Loire Valley 2005 at Ten Years

In the Winedoctor annual tasting calendar, there are certain regular fixtures. There are the Bordeaux primeurs, of course, the week in April when Winedoctor readership (and new subscriptions) usually hits its peak. Then there is the review of the most recently bottled Bordeaux vintage, which this year will be Bordeaux 2013.........
Read on in my Loire Valley 2005 at Ten Years tasting report. In this four-part report, looking at more than forty wines from this superb vintage, I feature wines from Jo Landron, Château Pierre-Bise, Clos Rougeard, Bernard Baudry, François Cazin, Philippe Alliet, Richard Leroy, Mark Angeli and more. I begin today with my introduction and a report on 17 white wines. Later in the week, red, demi-sec & moelleux wines. (24/11/15)

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Exploring Sherry #13: Don Fernando (26/11/15)
I can’t believe it’s been more than two months s...
Bordeaux 2015: David Suire, Larcis Ducasse (25/11/15)
Somehow another five days have passed since my last Bordeaux...
Bordeaux 2015: Thomas Duroux, Palmer (20/11/15)
I can just about manage to squeeze in another quick post on ...
Bordeaux 2015: Bruno Rolland, Leoville-Las-Cases (17/11/15)
During my little tour of Bordeaux to check out the 2013 vint...
Bordeaux 2015: Jean-Rene Matignon, Pichon-Baron (16/11/15)
After a break last week – I was on the road quite a lo...
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Providence (22/11/15) My profile updated.
Château La Fleur-Pétrus (22/11/15) My profile updated.
Château Gombaude-Guillot (21/11/15) Five from this domaine.
Lise et Bertrand Jousset (20/11/15) Four from 2014 & 2013.
Château Moncontour (19/11/15) I profile this domaine in Vouvray.
Château Pavie-Macquin (18/11/15) My latest St Emilion profile.
Oaked Sauvignon Blanc (17/11/15) A tasting report.
Château Moncontour Vouvray Prédilection 2011 (16/11/15) [free]
Other White Loire Varieties (15/11/15) My Loire guide continues.
Purslane (14/11/15) Great value in a bohemian paradise.
Le Rocher des Violettes (13/11/15) New profile, and new notes.
Damien Laureau (12/11/15) My profile expanded & updated.
Château La Tour Carnet (11/11/15) A huge expansion of my profile.
New in Chinon: Château de Coulaine (10/11/15) A new profile.
Château de Coulaine Chinon Clos de Turpenay 2010 (9/11/15) [free]
Château Capbern (8/11/15) An updated profile.
Florent Cosme (7/11/15) Two vintages tasted.
Ronan by Clinet (6/11/15) A great Bordeaux project.
Château Gaudrelle, 2015 Update (5/11/15) I taste 2014 & 2013.
Château Bellevue Mondotte (4/11/15) Micro-cuvée St Emilion.
Domaine de la Taille aux Loups (3/11/15) Recent vintages tasted.
Denis Jamain Reuilly Rosé Les Châtillons 2014 (2/11/15) [free]
Romorantin & Menu Pineau (1/11/15) My Loire guide continues.


Café de la Promenade (31/10/15) [free]
Château Smith-Haut-Lafitte (30/10/15) Seven recent vintages.
Domaine des Aubuisières (29/10/15) Recent releases, mainly 2014.
Château Malescasse (28/10/15) A superior cru bourgeois estate.
François Chidaine (27/10/15) A tasting report.
Régis Minet Pouilly-Fumé 2006 (26/10/15) [free]

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Recent Loire

The four most popular recent Loire updates.

Dramatic developments, and a huge update. (24/9/15)

Château du Hureau
A new, expanded profile of Philippe Vatan. (22/9/15)

Château de Bois Brinçon
I profile this organic domaine in Anjou. (11/9/15)

Richard Leroy
A report on the 2013 and 2011 vintages. (9/9/15)

Recent Bordeaux

The four most popular recent Bordeaux updates.

Ch. La Mission Haut-Brion
My profile expanded to eight pages. (7/10/15)

A High Time with Haut-Brion
Nine wines from Haut-Brion & La Mission. (6/10/15)

Château Haut-Brion
My profile expanded to nine pages. (19/6/15)

Château Gilette
A unique Sauternes estate profiled. (9/6/15)

Wine & Dine

Four recent restaurant visits. All are free to read.

Great value in a bohemian shopping nirvana. (14/11/15)

Café de la Promenade
A mixed experience on a return visit. (31/10/15)

Innovative dining, 'natural' wines. (10/10/15)

The Honours
Cramped dining, mystery cheeses. (26/9/15)