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Domaine des Rochelles, 2015 Update (24/1/15)
More new notes, including a new 100% Malbec cuvée.

La Ferme de la Sansonnière (23/1/15)
An updated profile of Mark Angeli and his wines.

Château Faugères (22/1/15)
A brand new profile of this modern-style St Emilion.

Domaine des Aubuisières (21/1/15)
Five older wines from Bernard Fouquet.

Champalou Vouvray 2010 (19/1/14) [free]
An antidote to all the chatter on 2013 Burgundy.

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This Weeks Featured Article
Domaine des Rochelles

Located in Saint Jean des Mauvrets just a stone's throw from the waters of the Loire and directly north of Brissac-Quincé, the story of Domaine des Rochelles and the wines of this region, in particular Anjou-Villages-Brissac, are intimately entwined. It was here that Anjou stalwart Hubert Lebreton, a key figure in the.........
Read on in my new and expanded profile of Domaine des Rochelles, with new notes on the 2013 - 2010 vintages. (20/1/15)

Recent Blog Posts
A New Year Wish (31/12/14)
The year 2014 has flown by, especially the last four months,...
Checking in on . . . . Cuvee Pif, 2012 (03/12/14)
Although the writing had been on the wall for a year or two,...
A Gentle Tour of Vouvray (22/11/14)
Take a gentle tour of Vouvray with French rally team Florent...
Exploring Sherry #6: Don Nuno (19/11/14)
Another exploratory moment in the world of Sherry now, and d...
Critics Need Benchmarks (06/11/14)
How do we judge wine? I recall tasting, twenty-five years (o...

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Site Update Archive


Sébastien David, 2015 Update (16/1/15) Recent tastings.
Château Gaudrelle (15/1/15) An extended profile.
Vieux Château Certan (14/1/15) I overhaul my profile.
Cru Classé de Graves tasting (13/1/15) 1998 & 2007.
Alphonse Mellot Sancerre Blanc La Moussière 2013 (12/1/15) [free]
The Mitjavile Portfolio, 2015 (9/1/15) Six wines.
Domaine de la Chevalerie, 2015 Update (8/1/15) Six wines.
Patrick Baudouin (7/1/15) A profile overhaul.
Domaine des Roches Neuves (6/1/15) New profile & notes.
Domaine de la Pépière Muscadet S&M Quatre 2010 (5/1/15) [free]
Domaine du Moulin, 2015 Update (2/1/15) Recent vintages.


Le Pin (31/12/14) A new seven-page profile.
Yannick Amirault Update (30/12/14) My latest notes.
Domaine de Bellivière Jasnières Calligramme 2004 (29/12/14) [free]
Twenty-Five Years On: The 1989 Vintage (24/12/14) 13 wines.
Château Laroque (23/12/14) Profile & tasting.
Domaine de l'Aujardière Fié Gris 2012 (22/12/14) [free]
Alexandre Bain (20/12/14) My profile updated.
Twenty Years On: The 1994 Vintage (19/12/14) Fifteen wines.
Château Trotanoy (18/12/14) My profile updated.
Les Cailloux du Paradis (17/12/14)The wines of Etienne Courtois.
Domaine Huet (16/12/14) A new 15-page profile.
Warre's Late Bottled Vintage Port 2003 (15/12/14) [free]
Dom. Pierre-Olivier Bonhomme (13/12/14) Was Puzelat-Bonhomme.
Fifteen Years On: The 1999 Vintage (12/12/14) 24 wines tasted.
Château Faizeau (11/12/14) Good wines from Montagne-St-Emilion.
Francis Blanchet (10/12/14) Attractive Pouilly-Fumé.
Eric Morgat (9/12/14) New profile, new notes.
Thierry Puzelat Romorantin 2008 (8/12/14) [free]

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Recent Loire

Domaine des Sablonnettes
I profile this cult domaine. (2/12/14)

Domaine du Clos Naudin
A new, extended, 7-page profile. (25/11/14)

Charles Joguet
A new profile and new tasting notes. (18/11/14)

Domaine de la Noblaie
Top-notch Chinon from Jérôme Billard. (7/11/14)

Recent Bordeaux

My profile expanded to seven pages. (4/12/14)

Domaine de Chevalier
I visit and taste five recent vintages. (23/10/14)

Clos des Lunes
Dry Sauternes, from Olivier Bernard. (9/10/14)

2014 Grand Cru Classé
I revisit the 2010-2013 vintages. (9/9/14)