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New in Touraine: Domaine des Hauts Baigneux (27/10/16)
A domaine revitalised by Nicolas Grosbois & Philippe Mesnier.

Château Branaire-Ducru (26/10/16)
A renewed profile for this under-rated St Julien estate.

Domaine du Closel Savennières La Jalousie 2005 (24/10/16) [free]
A richer style in need of drinking up.

Château Mouton-Rothschild (23/10/16)
Premier je update with new detail and images.

Domaine Guiberteau, 2016 Update (22/10/16)
A selection of fantastic wines from Romain.

Château Magrez Fombrauge (21/10/16)
I profile this Magrez estate, born from a super-cuvée.

This Week's Featured Article
François Pinon, 2016 Update

There are many reasons why we should envy America. Admittedly, the current presidential-political situation probably isn't one of them (although speaking from 'Brexit Britain', the old adage about a kettle and a pot comes to mind), but this is just a transient fly in the ointment. It can't detract from the continent's natural beauty........
Read on in my François Pinon 2016 Update, taking a look at recent releases, from 2015, 2014, 2012 and 2011, as well as a couple of older wines from the 2003 vintage. (25/10/16)

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Loire Valley 2016: Frost Solutions (07/10/16)
The 2016 vintage has been a very difficult one in many regio...
Domaine de la Noblaie 2016, Before the Harvest (01/10/16)
Earier this week I spent a few days in the Loire Valley, mak...
Loire Valley 2016: The Frost (20/09/16)
Earlier this year the vignerons of the Loire Valley experien...
The Three Ages of The Bordeaux Drinker (14/09/16)
I think I may have entered my third age as a Bordeaux drinke...
Being Organic gives no Score Advantage (04/08/16)
A recently published UCLA study of eco-certified wine qualit...
Site Update Archive


Château Gaudrelle (20/10/16) New releases from Alexandre.
Cru Bourgeois: Médoc (19/10/16) Another 17 tasted.
Cru Bourgeois: Haut-Médoc (19/10/16) Notes on 25 wines.
Cru Bourgeois: Médoc communes (18/10/16) 37 wines.
Cru Bourgeois 2014 (18/10/16) A tasting report.
Stéphane Bernadeau Les Onglés 2014 (17/10/16) [free]
Château Latour (16/10/16) Updated with new detail.
Alphonse Mellot (15/10/16) A supplementary update.
Domaine des Roches Neuves (14/10/16) The latest from Thierry.
Château Grand Corbin-Despagne (13/10/16) A profile update.
New in Saumur: La Source du Ruault (12/10/16) Jean-Noël Millon.
Alphonse Mellot (11/10/16) A tasting with A.M. Senior.
Château de Francs 2011 (10/10/16) [free]
Château Le Gay (9/10/16) New detail on vinification integale.
La Tour (8/10/16) A charming restaurant in Sancerre. [free]
La Ferme de la Sansonnière (7/10/16) Four from Mark Angeli.
Château Lespault-Martillac (6/10/16) A domaine on the up.
Château de Fosse Sèche, 2016 Update (5/10/16) A tasting report.
Vincent Carême, 2016 Update (4/10/16) Top tier wines.
B. Baudry Chinon Blanc La Croix Boissée 2015 (3/10/16) [free]
Château La Conseillante (2/10/16) New detail and images.
Château de Fesles (1/10/16) My profile overhauled.


Château Lagrange (30/9/16) Another St Julien profile.
Richard Leroy (29/9/16) I check in on the 2014 and 2013 vintages.
Famille Lieubeau (28/9/16) Two top Muscadet crus examined.
Henri Bourgeois (27/9/16) Old vintages, 2015 - 1990.
Alphonse Mellot Sancerre Génération XIX 2005 (26/9/16) [free]
Château Tertre-Roteboeuf (23/9/16) Four from François.

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Recent Loire

The four most popular recent Loire updates.

François Chidaine
The latest releases from François. (20/9/16)

Yannick Amirault
I visit and taste with Benoit. (13/9/16)

Bernard Baudry
A tour and tasting with Matthieu. (30/8/16)

Domaine de la Noblaie
I call in on Jérôme Billard. (16/8/16)

Recent Bordeaux

The four most popular recent Bordeaux updates.

Château Lagrange Vertical
A tour, dinner & tasting. (6/9/16)

The 2016 Latour Releases
I check out 2010, 2009 & 2000. (31/8/16)

Château Haut-Bailly
All The Fives; 2005 back to 1975. (17/8/16)

St Emilion GCC, 2015
I taste 33 wines from this vintage. (9/8/16)

Wine & Dine

Four recent restaurant visits. All are free to read.

La Cabane à Vin
I visit another Chinon wine bar. (27/8/16)

La Cave Voltaire
A great wine bar in Chinon. (6/8/16)

The Ship on the Shore
Down to the Water of Leith. (26/3/16)

Castle Terrace
A hit-and-miss experience. (12/3/16)