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Haut-Médoc 2013 (19/4/14)
Variable quality here in 2013, but one wine of real interest.

Moulis & Listrac 2013 (18/4/14)
I go on a wine safari at Château Clarke.

Château Pierre-Bise Quarts de Chaume, 2014 (17/4/14)
Quarts de Chaume primer & update, with five vintages from Claude.

Margaux 2013 (16/4/14)
A difficult vintage, and the least consistent left-bank commune.

Patrick Baudouin Anjou Blanc Le Cornillard 2009 (14/4/14) [free]
Anjou; under-appreciated, under-the-radar, and magnificent.

Château Sociando-Mallet, 2014 Update (13/4/14)
I make a flying visit, and taste the 2012 vintage.

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This Weeks Featured Article
Bordeaux 2013

Like a frenzied Maindrian Pace I braked hard, causing the nose of my hire car to dive down towards the tarmac, before swinging the wheel around and turning into the grounds of Château Lagrange. I could smell the warmth of the brakes, their only means of complaint (other than disintegrating completely, of course)...........
Read on as I continue my Bordeaux vintage report with St Julien 2013, the most consistent left-bank commune by far. (15/4/14)

Recent Blog Posts
Bordeaux 2013: Final Day (05/04/14)
My final day in St Emilion (and Pomerol) was a little more r...
Bordeaux 2013: On the Right Bank (04/04/14)
My primeurs week continues, and I’m now on the right b...
Bordeaux 2013: More Medoc (03/04/14)
Yesterday I wrote mainly about Alfred Tesseron, in particula...
Bordeaux 2013: Mainly Pauillac (02/04/14)
So Tuesday was the day when I started really getting to grip...
Bordeaux 2013: Pessac, Sauternes (01/04/14)
I tend to run my primeurs week on the same sort of timetable...

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Site Update Archive


Château Mouton-Rothschild (12/4/14) Updated, with new images.
Pauillac 2013 (10/4/14) A variable performance.
Domaine de la Grenaudière (10/4/14) The wines of Jean-Luc Ollivier.
St Estèphe 2013 (9/4/14) Relative success for a few.
Bordeaux 2013 (8/4/14) My vintage summary.
Herbert Hall Brut 2011 (7/4/14) [free]
Château Montrose (6/4/14) Updated, with new images.


Domaine de la Pépière (28/3/14) My profile updated.
Sébastien Riffault, 2014 Update (27/3/14) Oxidative Sancerre.
Château Gombaude Guillot (26/3/14) Another Pomerol update.
Pascal Lambert (25/3/14) Biodynamics in Chinon.
Blandy's Madeira 20 Years Old Terrantez (24/3/14) [free]
Angels with Bagpipes (23/4/14) [free] A restaurant review.
Domaine Didier Dagueneau (22/3/14) An update, plus new images.
Philippe Alliet, 2014 Update (21/3/14) Chinon from 2012 & 2011.
Château La Cabanne (20/3/14) Another new Pomerol profile.
Domaine Philippe Gilbert, 2014 Update (19/3/14) Recent releases.
Denis Jamain (18/3/14) Biodynamics in Reuilly.
Dom Ruinart 1990 (17/3/14) [free]
St Julien (16/3/14) The latest instalment of my guide.
Château Clerc-Milon (15/3/14) A profile expansion.
François Crochet (14/3/14) An update, new notes on the 2012s.
François Saint-Lô (13/3/14) A graduate of Clos Cristal.
Château L'Église-Clinet (12/3/14) I update my profile.
Sébastien David Fascinating St Nicolas. (11/3/14)
Xavier Frissant Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 2012 (10/3/14) [free]
Restaurant Review: Agnès Sorel (9/3/14) [free]
Domaine Philippe Gilbert (8/3/14) Updated with new images.
Château Clinet (7/3/14) My profile updated.
Central Vineyards 2013 (6/3/14) My final report.
Bordeaux 2001 (5/3/14) I check in on 18 wines.
Touraine 2013 (4/3/14) More on Loire 2013.
Philippe Alliet Chinon L'Huisserie 2008 (3/3/14) [free]
Moulis & Listrac (2/3/14) More on Bordeaux.
Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey (1/3/14) My profile updated.


Anjou & Saumur 2013 (28/2/14) More on Loire 2013.
Clos René (27/2/14) I profile this estate.
Muscadet 2013 (26/2/14) A vintage report.
Loire 2013 (25/2/14) My introduction to the vintage.
François Cazin Cuvée Renaissance 2010 (24/2/14) [free]
Margaux (23/2/14) My Bordeaux guide continues.
Château Grand-Puy-Ducasse (22/2/14) My profile updated.

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Recent Loire

Pierre Martin, 2014 Update
I report on wines from 2013 and 2012. (21/2/14)

Domaine Le Briseau
I profile this much-admired domaine. (20/2/14)

Claude Lafond
Top quality wines from Reuilly.(18/2/14)

Domaine Les Roches
Jérôme Lenoir and his idiosyncratic wines. (7/2/14)

Recent Bordeaux

Bordeaux 2009
This vintage revisited at four years. (21/1/14)

Château Mouton-Rothschild
A new 12-page profile. (12/12/13)

Bordeaux 2011
A complex vintage, at two years of age. (19/11/13)

Cru Bourgeois 2011
Introduction & the Fatal Flaw. (1/10/13)